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Pipeline Transport Projects

Zhaikmunai  LLP

  • Development and approval of “Chinarevskoye OGCF – Rostoshi Oil Pipeline” Project, Author’s Supervision (2004-2006)  
  • Development and approval of Detail Design for oil pipeline booster station (2006-2009)

CTC Pipeline

  • CTC expansion in the RoK. Atyrau OPS Detail Design, pipeline 116-204 km (2006-2008)
  • CTC expansion in the RoK. Development and approval of Detail Design, Author’s Supervision over 0-116 km pipeline construction (2006-2008)

Technip Germany Gmbh

  • Development of Declaration of Intent and Investment Feasibility Study (TEO) for Kazakhstan-Caspian Pipeline System Project ("West Eskene-Kuryk" Pipeline: length - 760 km (2006)

Buzachi Operating Ltd. 

  • Design work for Project "Phase III. North Buzachi Field Surface Facilities Construction during Commercial Development.” Volga river water pipeline (2008)

Agip KCO 

  • Development of Conceptual Design of prospective routes for Kalamkas Sea Field oil transportation (2008)

Kazakhoil Aktobe LLP

  • Design of gas pipeline for transportation of sales gas from “Alibekmola GPF-50” to “Zhanazhol-KS-13” trunk pipeline section (2010-2014)