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Corporate Quality Policy

  • Providing of full package of the engineering & consulting services to Client
  • Development and issue of the deliverables in accordance with the requirements of the statutory & regulatory documents and the Clients
  • Keep the Company prestige and gain the sustainable image and the high confidence of the Clients
  • Stiffening of the requirements for subcontractors to assure quality of their products and services
  • Company leadership at the market of work and services in the oil & gas industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • High responsibility and transparency
  • Compliance of the current safety regulations, standards and requirements of the applied and issued deliverables, technological and production processes at the stages: design - acceptance and commissioning - operationě
  • Maintain the high qualification of the personnel through continuous training
  • Work in atmosphere of mutual confidence and partnership
  • Improvement of the organizational structure and Company performance
  • High level of equipment capability and production automation
  • Assurance of the efficient control over preparing technical documents at all production stages
  • Regularly review and study of the current and new techniques
  • Provide adequate management of the deliverables
  • Provide all necessary conditions to perform work in a creative and workmanlike manner
  • Compliance with the requirements of the RoK Anti-Corruption Legislation when interacting with Clients and Contractors
  • All stages of the oil, gas and gas-condensate field surface facilities design (FEED, TPD and Detail Design)
  • Design of utility facilities, direct and support infrastructure (power and water supply, waste utilization landfills, support bases, heating and ventilation systems, instrumentation, roads and camps)
  • Oil, gas and product pipelines
  • Project environmental support
  • Approval of the projects in the regulatory bodies
  • Author's supervision over facilities construction
  • Consulting services
  • Taking the actions to ensure strict observance of the philosophy of the Company activities
  • Maintaining and continuous improvement of the performance of Integrated Management System consistent with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001
  • Taking the necessary steps to ensure that the Quality Policy is adequately understood and implemented at all levels by involving all the employees in quality assurance and improvement
  • Concentrate all possible resources to improve the Company’s performance


  • Design of facilities for oil, gas and condensate production, gathering, preparation, transportation and processing. Expert review and consulting in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry
  • CE&R LLP creates a management system that will provide improvement of working conditions, occupational safety and health of employees in accordance with requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and OHSAS18001:2007, ISO 14001:2015 and other requirements
  • The Management system aims to minimize the probability of faults, compulsory shutdowns, hazard of injuries, explosions, fires
  • CE&R LLP carries out the personnel training and work permit to the engineering design process taking into account the increased requirements to oil & gas production facilities which present the potential risks and hazards to people and environment
  • Priority of personnel life and health towards the results of Company activities
  • Assurance and observance of occupational health & safety rights of all employees
  • Company concernment to ensure the healthy and safe working conditions
  • Environmental protection, including the use of resource-saving technologies, pollution control
  • Adherence to the principle of the abstinence in the territory of CE&R LLP and Clients
  • Development of safe and friendly production processes and procedures during all operations and striving for creation of injury-free working environment
  • Management of the occupational risks at all levels to ensure occupational safety and preventive health care of the employees during the working process
  • Continuous enhancement of HSE Management System
  • Regular auditing and well-timed carrying out of activities to take the preventive and corrective measures
  • Providing of staff training regarding occupational health & safety and environment
  • Mandatory compliance with HSE Policy Provisions by all contracting organizations
  • Strict observance of the RoK laws and regulations regarding of Health, Safety and Environment and other requirements
  • Arrangement of conditions and on-time provision of financial resources for implementation of the labour safety measures and compliance with the environmental requirements
  • Providing of Company preparedness in the case of emergencies
  • Assurance and observance of the principles of this Policy in the selection of vendors and the assessment of their HSE Management System
The Corporate Polity and strategies are formed by the Executive Management and Occupational Health & Safety Service and brought to the notice of the staff and all concerned.
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