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This Code of Business Behavior and Ethics (hereinafter - the Code) has been developed in accordance with the Statute of Caspian Engineering & Research LLP (hereinafter referred to as CE&R or the Company) and the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

This Code contains the general guiding principles of the Company's business, consistent with the highest standards of business ethics. This Code should be viewed as a minimum standard designed to deter misconduct and encourage honest and ethical behavior. The Company will adhere to these higher standards to the extent the Code requires a higher standard than that set forth by customary business practices or applicable laws, rules or regulations.

The implementation of the provisions of this document is aimed at the solution of the following main tasks:

  • maintaining high reputation of CE&R LLP in relations with the customers and partners;
  • acquirement of the rules of business behavior, responsibility for the conscientious performance of their official duties by the employees of CE&R LLP;
  • integrity, honesty, politeness and correctness in the relationship between colleagues, creating an atmosphere of mutual understanding, trust and cooperation, as well as creating a favorable socio-psychological atmosphere in the team;
  • exchange of experience and information between colleagues, helping each other to achieve the best results, the ability to work in a team;
  • punctual, precise and timely fulfillment of its obligations to the Company and colleagues at work, self-discipline, organization and the ability to work on the result;
  • rational use of own working time and time of their colleagues, as well as the Company's assets;
  • aspiration of the employees to a healthy lifestyle and respect for family values;
  • improving the efficiency of business interaction between employees of CE&R LLP.

This Code applies to all officers and employees of the Company, including the General Director, Executive Director, Engineering Director, Director of Finance, Office Director (hereinafter referred to as - Senior Management).

Implementing and complying with the requirements of this Code is possible only with the cooperation of all CE&R LLP employees and their proper conduct. Each employee is obligated to adhere to rules of conduct that contribute to the implementation of these norms.