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Infrastructure facilities

KCOI (Support base)

  • Development  and approval of Project, Detail Design and author’s supervision of Steel Structures Plant with Quay in Tyub-Karaganskiy district, Mangystau Province (2009-2011)

NefteStroyServis LTD, LLP

  • Development  and approval of Detail Designs for construction of 250 units service station at Karazhanbas field and for 100 units service station at Kalamkas field. (2012-2013)
  • Development  and approval of Project and Detail Design for “1000 Units Car Service Center at Uzen Field” (2012-2014)

Oil Transport Corporation, LLP

  • Development  and approval of Detail Design “Construction of 600 Units Car service station at Kalamkas Field” (2012-2014)


  • Marine Petroleum Operations Support Base in Bautino – Detail Design (2005-2006)
  • Toxic Industrial Waste Landfill including Oil Wastes Treatment Unit – Project and Detail Design (2007-2008)

PKOP, Honeywell-ACS (SHNOS)

  • Feasibility Study and Pre-EIA for PKOP Shymkent Refinery Upgrading Project (2009)

LLP “Atyrau refinery”, Atyrau branch of JGC Corp. (ANPZ

  • Development of project documentation for ANPZ Upgrade project, ANPZ  infrastructure facilities (2004-2006)